There are many different swimming events on offer at competitions.  These include surf race, run swim run, surf teams race.  With up to 48 competitors lining up for the start of a surf race it is an event you don't want to miss.  Competitors sprint off the start line and wade then duck dive through the shallows before starting to swim and negotiate the waves.  Once clear of the waves, competitors swim around a set of buoys before turning towards shore to swim back to the beach or catching a ride home on a wave.

2km Beach Run
Leg burner, this event is what it sounds like...2kms of running on sand, generally run in 500m lengths along the beach.  You will be amazed at the pace competitors can achieve in this event.  In junior competitions we hold a 2km beach relay which caters for all ages with 4 runners racing a length of the 2km total run.  Lengths are broken into 800m, 600, 400m and 200m lengths.

Surf Boat
Our largest craft on the water sees four rowers and one sweep who steers the crew through the surf and back to shore, row the surf boat from a standing position in shore out through the waves, rounding one buoy at 200m or 400m distance before heading back to shore to finish either in the water or a run up the beach.  These boats are fantastic to watch and require real team effort to row together through challenging conditions.  Crews also team up with other crews (three in a team) within their club to race in the surf boat relay event which involves crews completing the course and then tagging their next crew to do the same.

Tube Rescue
Our core business, tube rescue is an exciting event to compete in while utilizing different skills of a four person team.  A patient first swims from the shore out to an allocated buoy and raises their arm to signal for the rescuer to proceed out to see and clip the patient into a rescue tube before swimming them back into the shore.  When the patient is close enough to shore another two competitors will perform a patient drag up the beach finishing through their allocated flags.

Board Rescue
Board rescue is a two person team event which starts with a swimmer running off the beach into the ocean and swimming out to an allocated buoy and raising their arm to signal for their board paddler to rescue them.  The board paddler completes the same course picks up their swimmer on their board and they paddle back to shore and sprint up the beach to finish.  Up to nine teams can race at once and members complete from U14 juniors through to seniors.

Iron Person and Multi-Disciplinary
The iron events are the endurance events of surf life saving, with competitors completing three different legs of the event (ski, board and swim) this makes for an action packed race that can change leaders every leg depending on a competitors strength.  For our younger competitors they compete in a diamond event which involved swim and board legs.  Other team relay type events include taplin's, cameron relays and grand cameron's which involve swim, running, board and sometimes ski for senior competitors.  These relay events are fast paced and full of action. 

Pool Champs
​​​​​​​Pool Rescue Competitions are our first events of the season and provide a great platform for members to increase their swimming capability and train in a range of rescue type events in the pool.  Event include diving under obstacles in the water, carrying manikins through the water or rubber bricks for junior competitors, tube rescues, fin swimming and line throws all of which simulate rescue situations our lifeguard maybe raced with.