Beach Flags

Beach Flags is an event which requires a good beach sprinting technique and ultra sharp reflexes.

The event is run by sticking a series of "flags" (usually short lengths of hosepipe) into the sand in a row. The competitors lie facing away and face down approximately 20 metres away. Upon a starting signal, the competitors race to the flags and try to grab one. There is always one fewer flag than competitors, and the competitor who does not manage to capture a flag is eliminated. The flags are reset, removing one more and the event continues until there is one person remaining - the winner. 

The event involves a tactical component as competitors have discretion as to which flag they obtain. While there is a degree of jostling, a competitor can be disqualified for deliberately impeding another competitor.

Rather than testing endurance and stamina, this event tests power and reflexes. A top class round run by an open national finalists will take about 3.7 seconds.