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Notice to all Patrol Captains

posted Feb 11, 2010, 3:05 PM by info Waimairi   [ updated Mar 6, 2010, 3:15 PM ]
Just a few gentle reminders to you regarding your responsibilities as Patrol Captain.

It is your job to organise and supply an “A” patrol for your respective patrol times. For most, this starts on the Wednesday before your Patrol by YOU ringing around your patrol to confirm their availability for the weekend. If you are unavailable, it is your job to organise a replacement and also to let me know.

During Patrol, there are some things that must happen if we are to reclaim our standing as No.1 Patrolling club.

Log-on and set-up ON TIME.
  • Make sure everybody on your patrol know each other, rookies included.
  • Be prepared for patrol inspection from log-on time, this means having the right patrollers organised for the various disciplines before inspections.
  • On patrol means keeping an eye on the beach and water. Socialising is fine as long as we are scanning as well.
  • Cell phones NOT to be used on patrol deck except during an emergency.
  • Patrollers on the water should wear patrol rash vests.
  • When patrol not busy get some housekeeping done. (i.e. vacum committee room, wash windows, sweep out gearshed)
  • At end of patrol day it is your responsibility to ensure we have logged off correctly, patrol sheet filled out and stored correctly, same for IRB log, All patrol gear and surf gear taken down and stored correctly. Radios off and mobiles oncharge.
  • Club left clean and tidy, which includes removing rubbish from patrol desk and kitchen (drop into council bin in carpark) sweeping out clubroom and changing rooms. Tidy up of kitchen (includes washing, drying and putting away dishes, cups etc,) Hotwater urn switched off.
  • All windows and doors locked.
  • Ensure you have signed off Rookie assessment form if required.

I’m sure you would agree most is just common sense, so lets aim for that Patrol award again this season.

Phil Watkins
Patrol Officer.