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Club Newsletter - February 2010

posted Mar 6, 2010, 3:08 PM by info Waimairi   [ updated Mar 6, 2010, 3:11 PM ]

From The Patrol Deck

I’m sure I don’t need to tell everyone how busy the Canterbury beaches have been this summer,
it’s been great just like summers of old, with the great weather come the associated job of keeping everybody safe.

So far this season we have had to carry out 15 rescues on our beach, of these at least 4, if not carried out would have resulted in fatalities, I was on hand to witness 2 of the rescues.

Our members did everything by the book and 2 families went away from a day at the beach intact all be it a little shell shocked. A member of both families returned to the beach later in the day to express their gratitude to the guards and amazement that things got out of hand so quickly.

During last month we also had our 2nd patrol inspection from SLSC, our un-confirmed report says we received 98% well done to Hannah & her patrol.

Whilst all of the above is pretty positive, a reminder to some of our competitors that our primary role is saving lives and patrolling the beach, to that end some of you may not be competiting at future carnivals until required hours are achieved, this also goes for members who do not turn up or have not organised replacements.
Phil Watkins


Hate to nag, but please ensure you leave the clubhouse clean & tidy after use. It is up to you to wash and put away any dishes that you have used, keep your wet & sandy feet outside (unless using the back door and going directly to the showers), and keep your showers short.

Rarangi Accomodation Canterbury Champs
This Weekend
There will be a small group of Rarangi-ites at Waimairi for the Canty Champs weekend. The
committee room will need to be kept clear for them.

NRC’s And Surf League 25/01/08 – 03/02/08

Arrived at the Mount on Friday after nearly missing connecting flight, because Surge took us to
the wrong gate (is this guy steering our canoe?). Unloaded gear, adjusted steering, practised
some starts, surf was 1 metre and building.

Saturday greeted us with a heavy 2 metre ground swell, with a dredging shorey. The word
carnage was used a lot as craft and athletes took a pounding, an estimated $50,000. in damaged
gear including a half dozen sweeps oars snapped at $1000. each. We made a final in the Open
Men's Relay, but all Canoe events were postponed till the next day.

The surf was still pumping the next day, but at least now there was the occasional lull. The Run Canoe Run started at 8am, our first heat was a bit scratchy and I found myself doing a superman (hanging off the back) at the start, then we were caned by a big set on the way out, but we managed a decent turn and to paddle down our rivals. In the final we got a good start, Suge snapped his paddle in 1/2 (again) but fortunately we had taped a spare on the back (from previous experience)which he grabbed and missed only 1/2 dozen stokes, we didn't even realise!
We couldn't catch a wave on the way in, got caught by a massive shore dump which drilled us into the beach,(one way to finish a race!) somehow Carl jumped off and got through the gates to win by a nose. 15 Minutes later they called the Long Course Final as most crews either ; a) had smashed equipment or b) were shitting themselves. We nailed the start, were first to the can and caught a
decent wave to win.

Wednesday 30.01.08

We had 3 days of pretty intense training; including a leg sapping run each morning from the motel to the top of The Mount. (my legs hurt!) Practising starts here is critical, as the beach here has a very steep profile. The surf dropped to about 1/2 metre, temp 30 deg, the boys are bruised
and bleeding, loving every minute of it.

Thursday 31.01.08

Rest of Canterbury team arrived, training tapering off but still paddling for an hour each day.

Friday 01.02.08

A couple of starts, and a few quick ladders, followed by huge breakfast.

Saturday 02.02.08

First day of Surf League, swell is small, but still a sucky little shore dump to deal with. We actually came 2nd in the first race, but won because the first crew ran through the wrong gate!! which was great because Canterbury had put their Power Play on us. We also managed to win
the 2nd race. In the Team Relay Morgan Foster overshot his side of the canoe and landed in the centre. Surge and I grabbed him and threw him back into the front (he reckoned we pulled his Speedos up to his ears). Although we got into the water last we came in 2nd.

Sunday 03.02.08

TV Day !!
We came 2nd in the first Canoe race then came the big moment..... Canterbury had put the power play on our 2nd race, we had won 5 out of last 6 races, we had prepared both physically and mentally as well as we possibly could. The Boys were amped !!! .......We came dead last!!

Ten minutes before our race it stopped breaking on our can, our alley now had a rip running through it (we were on the end buoy). Mark was nailed at the start and came out (he hadn't fallen out all week), even so we managed to reach the can with the other crews. But as hard as we tried there was no wave in for us. We were absolutely gutted. It just goes to show it doesn't matter how well prepared you are, if mother nature decides not to  co-operate.... forget it!

All in all I know Hayden,Mark, and Carl gave it 110% Doing Waimairi and Canterbury proud.

Bring on the Nationals I say!!

Don McNeilly
Club Captain