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Club Newsletter – November 2009

posted Mar 6, 2010, 2:59 PM by info Waimairi

From The Patrol Deck

Hey everyone,
The season is under way with many things going on; a big thank-you for the hard work that Tony Gallop has been putting into revamping the changing rooms and First-Aid room at the club.

Here are just a few notes about the latest happenings from opening day, the recent committee meeting, and upcoming events.

Training Times:

These are also written on the whiteboard in the club, and adjusted each week, so keep an eye out for any updates!



Taken by Mark R and Tarquin, on Tuesday and Thursday evenings starting 6pm sharp, be at the club by 5.45. Note that if the weather is bad at Waimairi the contingency plan is to take the gear trailer over to Cass Bay, the trailer will leave at 6pm sharp so be at the club early to get the gear loaded if the wind is up.


Beginners ski taken by Mark C at 9am Saturday mornings, meet at the club.


Swim/ fitness training is taken on Wednesday evenings at the club from 6-7pm coached by Janice and Tarquin. All are welcome to these sessions.


Beach training is also on a Wednesday evening starting at 5pm, and is coached by Don.


As determined at the Okains Bay training weekend.

Okains Bay:

This weekend, gear loading is at the club on Thursday evening at 5pm, if you want gear taken over it is important you are there, or you organise someone else to load it for you to ensure it gets taken!

Preseason competition:

The next pre season carnival Waimairi will be attending as a club will be on the 22nd of November. There is a carnival running on the 8th of November, but this will clash with the training weekend at Okain’s Bay therefore anyone who wants to compete will have to get there own gear to the carnival.


info Waimairi,
Mar 6, 2010, 3:04 PM